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Introduce Indonesian food and other Asian food to non-Indonesian immigrant, and mainstream Canadians. We believe Indonesian and other Asian food can be attractive to non-Indonesian immigrants and mainstream Canadians. We will expand the Indonesian food market penetration in Canada.

Who we are: are a new distributor in Canada who will focus on distributing Indonesian food throughout Canada. Through its various operating channels, we are committed to providing Canadians with a one-stop destination in meeting their Indonesian and other Asian food needs.

We provide Package Asian Food from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hongkong and other South East Country from Beverages, noodles, Canned foods, Spices, Desserts, Jams, Jerks, Snacks, Spices and herbs. We carry brand name product such as Indofood, Wings, ABC, Munik, Ibu Brand, Kecap Bango, Rotary, Blue Band, Bamboe, Kusuka, dll.

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